Founded in 2006,  SafeTekk Building Science is recognized as a leader in the industry and is a veteran owned and operated business.

Many inspection companies will try to dazzle you with freebees and unusually low prices. They simply believe that that all inspectors are the same, and as a result they create an illusion called "the value proposition".   At SafeTekk our experience and technical expertise speaks for itself and continuous process improvement drives us.  Whether improving our inspection methods, staying on top of technical advancements, or delivering a better quality report, we won't sleep so that you can sleep soundly.

Behind the company is a foundation of personal and ethical principles. They are the driving force behind everything we do and are also what clients expect and demand. We offer an attention to detail and commitment to excellence that others simply cannot match. With thousands of inspections behind us and countless clients, we're proud of our reputation and look forward to assisting in your property purchase.